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Google Chart


Google Charts provides a way to visualize data on your website. The best part is the chart could be dynamic and responsive. Although there's many javascript chart library on the market, I choose Google Chart. Because Google is a very famous IT company, it will maintain its project and publish detailed documentation.

Get Started

The above chart is created by google's sample code. When you put your cursor on the line, you can see the popularity for a certain day. It's very easy to construct this char with 4 steps:

The full code is attached below


With previous tutorial - Flask Server, Can you make a chart showing stock price trend for a particular period? The screenshot below shows the price trend for Boeing Company in recent month. I use retreive stock data by Yahoo Fianance API, then lauch Flask Server to provide these information. In my webpage, I use Jquery to call the Server to get data. Finally, display data by Google Chart. If you're interested, have a try!